About Pennsylvania VOAD


The Pennsylvania VOAD is the state chapter of the National VOAD. 

The VOAD consists of organizations active in disaster response throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

The VOADs role is to bring organizations together and enable them to understand each other and work together during times of disaster preparedness, response, relief and recovery.

The Pennsylvania VOAD adhere to the principles established by the National VOAD.  The principles are referred to as the 4C's:


These principles serve as the foundation for the Pennsylvania VOAD as it collaborates with local, regional and national partners to coordinate disaster relief, response and recovery efforts in times of disaster.

Organizations and individuals interested in membership please register as a user of this site.

The PA VOAD Foundation was formed to serve as the treasury or fiduciary agent for PaVOAD. The officers the PaVOAD Executive Committee serve as the officers of PA VOAD Foundation.

The name PA VOAD Foundation was registered  by PaVOAD with the Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau. With this registration, we are recognized as a non-profit agency within the state of Pennsylvania, permitting us to legally conduct business such as having a bank account, etc. We have also filed for and received our Federal EIN registration number which is also necessary for such operations.
The filing for the PA VOAD Foundation was done as a non-501(c)(3) “non-profit / charity” organization. These steps were necessary in order to be able to obtain 501(c)(3) status. The PA VOAD Foundation may obtain this status in the near future and is considering the steps necessary to do so. It is not necessary to be a 501(c)(3) for our purposes, however it is believed that PaVOAD becoming a 501(c)(3) will be beneficial for future financial support of the organization.
The moves undertaken permit PaVOAD to operate in a legal and business like manner without dependence upon any other organizations to handle our fiscal matters.
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